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All our staff are well trained and we provide a courteous, professional and value for money service. We have an increasing number of satisfied customers, both private and fleet, who choose to use our services and recommend us to their friends and family. We offer old fashioned honesty with up to date technology. All of our work is fully guaranteed, our labour rates are affordable, and our aim is to provide great service to ensure customer satisfaction.


Steve has been working in the motor industry for nearly 40 years and started at Turners as the manager of the newly opened MOT side of the business. In 2007 he bought out the current owner and a joint partner of the business. His role is to oversee everything that goes on within the business including getting his hands dirty too when needed.


Mark has worked at Turners since 2008. As service manager, his role in the business is to delegate work as well as handling customers and keeping a record of all the work being done within the workshop.


Mick started working with us in 2019 as an MOT tester having been in the motor trade for over 30 odd years. This includes as a technician and MOT tesing since 2008.


Danny has worked at Turners since 2005. He is a qualified MOT Tester and is a very skilled technician. Danny can tackle most issues to make sure that a car is running as best as it can.


Marion is our wonderful clearner. Working in such a hands on environment, dirt and dust seems to creep up on you. Marion ensures that our work area is spick and span.


As our in house book keeper, Sally ensures that all our invoices add up and are ready to go off to our accountant. Even with a time consuming job, Sally still manages to brighten up the workshop with her constant smile.

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